8 FSS Customer Appreciation Month

September is… 8 FSS Customer Appreciation Month

“Smiling with the Wolf Pack”
is the theme of the 8 FSS Customer Appreciation Month.
This is our way of giving back to our great customers.
We’re here for you, and we want to make you smile.
Thank You for your 8 FSS patronage!


  1. Hidden Smiles! There will be smiles hidden all around the FSS!
    Be on the lookout when you visit our facilities for smile-items with the Smiley Face on them. Bring the smile-item to the front desk and win a $20 gift card!


  1. Smile Days! Visit a FSS facility to relax and have fun.
    But, be ready to put a $100 gift card in your pocket after being ran-domly selected as the customer of the week!


  1. Prize Patrols! The Prize Patrol team will be roaming ALL around Kunsan looking for the biggest smiles on 8 random days during the month. If you get caught smiling you’ll win a $100 gift card!


  1. Online Survey! One winner will be chosen randomly each week! Let us know how we can improve or what we do well by completing the survey link that’s on one of our posters for the chance to win a $100 gift card! Also post your smiles online for a chance to win a prize every day! Click Here to the Survey


  1. Social Media Campaign! Take a selfie at a FSS facility and post it on Kunsan FSS Facebook. A big smile and fun pic is all you need to WIN! Daily winners with the best pic of the day will receive a $20 gift card!


BUT the smiles don’t stop there! In addition to gift cards there will be prize drawings for a Go-Pro, Bluetooth head-phones, Dragon Hill Lodge vouchers and much more!