21 Jan: Amethyst Cavern Park in Ulsan

Monday, 21 Jan, 0700-2030
Sign up by 17 Jan, 1700
$40 plus W7,000 for admission fees.

Amethyst Cavern Park is the largest man-made cave tourist attraction in Korea. Connected like a labyrinth, visitors can observe amethyst stones and see exhibitions. Outside the cave, you can also enjoy a snow sleigh, play facilities, and hands-on learning experiences.
Located in southern part of Mt. Chiseosan, Tongdosa Temple is famous for not having any Buddhist statues in the temple. This is because the real shrines of the Buddha are preserved here. The name ‘Tongdosa’ was named after the belief that mankind can be saved through Buddhism. After Monk Ja-Jang brought the shrines of Buddha from Dang China, Tongdosa Temple was built during Queen Sun-Deok’s reign (646). Tongdosa Temple is said to have survived numerous wars and invasions, its Beopdeung (temple candle) has never gone out, for 1,300 years. Inside, there are 35 buildings and Pagoda’s, and 14 small temples in its vicinity. The main building is designated as National Treasure No.290. The temple is similar to a museum because of the numerous relics inside. There are 19 local treasures and 794 local cultural properties inside the temple. In place of the Buddha statue, the Geumgang Stairs behind of the main building preserves the shrines of the Buddha.
Trip includes 4 hour drive.

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