Arts & Craft

Bldg : 517, Phone: DSN 782-6904 or Comm 063-470-6904

Hours of Operation
Daily: 0800-1700 (as of 1 April 2021)
U.S. Holidays: 0800-1700
Closed on RoK Holidays

Check out Arts & Crafts Class

Located inside the Recreation Complex, your Arts & Crafts center offers a complete frame and plaque shop, computerized mat cutting services, and thousands of design templates for your print and framing needs. Our laser engraver allows us to engrave acrylic, glass, metal, and 3D engraving on wood items. The Wood Shop is completely stocked with all the latest tools and accessories for your woodcraft needs. We also provide a FREE wood safety class on an appointment-only basis. This class is required to use the woodworking machines.