Community Activity Center

Bldg: 1027, Phone: DSN 782-5213/4679/4619 or Comm 063-470-5213/4679/4619
Hours of Operation
Normal daily: 0600-2130

Located next to the Loring Club, Falcon Community Activities Center (affectionately known simply as “The CAC”) offers a wide variety of events and services. Whether you want to play darts, shoot pool, watch the latest sports games, or plug in with our FREE Wi-Fi services, the CAC has something for everyone in the Wolf Pack. Our activities range from monthly ping-pong tournaments, pool tournaments, bingo, darts tournaments, and are FREE to everyone at Kunsan.  Look at our page below to see upcoming events at the CAC.

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Discover Korea with CAC Tours at Falcon Community Activities Center.
CAC Tours offers a variety of trips and tours, giving you a unique opportunity to experience Korean culture, customs, and landmarks.
Tours range from day-trips to weekend getaways, and include the Yellow Sea tour, Byeonsan National Park, Jeonju Zoo, Everland amusement park, the ever-popular DMZ tour, Lotte World amusement park and shopping center, professional baseball and soccer games, the annual Mud Festival, and much more! Our tours are reasonably priced for even the smallest budget, so take advantage of your time in this unique, beautiful, and truly engaging country!

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We also operate Wolf Pack Wheels, the transportation system between Kunsan and Osan.

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