Marketing & Commercial Sponsorship

Bldg : 755, Rm 320 Phone: DSN 782-7855 or Comm 063-470-7855
Hours of Operation: Monday-Friday 0800-1530

Reach Your Target Market
The Kunsan Air Base Force Support Squadron serves the members of the Wolf Pack and a small number of US Army personnel. We support approximately 2,500 active duty military personnel who are at Kunsan without their family members.  We also serve a small number of US and Korean civilian employees. Kunsan Force Support is dedicated to enhancing the quality of life for the military community through a variety of services, programs and events.

Commercial Sponsorship Program
Only through the Kunsan Commercial Sponsorship Program can your company have the distinct advantage of reaching our military market. Your sponsorship and donations can help enhance morale and increase brand loyalty of our well-educated customers.
Here is just a sample of the hundreds of dynamic sponsorship opportunities that your company can support:

Advertising Program
We have a variety of high quality print and multimedia publications targeting the active duty demographic segments available for your advertisement at reasonable rates. Our publications open for advertisement include.
Howler Ad Rate