Military Dining Facility

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*All menu items are subject to changes.

O’Malley Military Dining Facility

Bldg: 550
Phone: DSN 782-5160 or Comm 063-470-5160

Hours of Operation
Breakfast: 0530-0900 / Lunch: 1100-1400 / Dinner: 1700-2000 / Midnight: 2300-0100

Weekends, Holidays and Down Days
Brunch: 0700-1300 / Supper: 1630-1900 / Midnight: 2200-0000

D-PAD Military Dining Facility

Bldg: 2548
Phone: DSN 782-4688 or Comm 063-470-4688

Hours of Operation
Lunch: 1100-1330 / Dinner: 1600-1800 / Midnight: 2200-0000

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*All menu items are subject to changes.

Meals to Go is a flight-ground support meal service (bag meals), for individuals who are unable to dine in at the DFAC. View the order form here, fill it out, and drop off the order form at the DFAC within two hours of your desired meal pick-up time. All meal options are one per customer, per meal period.
Each section/unit must designate a representative to pick up meal orders. Sorry, no deliveries.

Go for Green!!
O’Malley DFAC and DPAD have the “Go for Green” nutritional recognition labeling system designed to provide you with a quick snapshot of the nutritional values of foods in the DFAC. The labels are as follows:
Green: High-performance foods
Yellow: Foods that may be eaten occasionally
Red: Foods that should be rarely consumed

Quarterly Birthday Meal
Next Quarterly Birthday Meal for meal card holders with birthdays in July, Aug, and Sept, will be held 25 Sept @ 1800-1900.
The theme is Tail Gate Party; Wear your Favorite Sports Jersey! One guest is authorized per attendee. Guests who are on meal card will not have to pay. Guests who are on BAS will be required to pay. RSVP (you and your guest) with your respective First Sergeant NLT 12 Sept with Rank, First and Last, DOD #. Check the Birthday Meal menu.