Military Personnel Flight

Bldg : 755, Phone: DSN 782-7220 or Comm 063-470-7220
Hour of Operation
Customer Support – Monday-Friday: 0800-1600
Force Management – Monday-Friday: 0800-1200 Appointments ONLY/1200-1600 Walk-ins
Career Development* – Monday-Friday: 0800-1200 Appointments ONLY/1200-1600 Walk-ins
US Holidays, Wing Training Day: Closed,
We are closed federal holidays, family days, down days and exercise week
To schedule an appointment call 782-7220 and select the option as indicated below

Career Development (Room 131 / Opt 1)
DEROS Management, PRP, Officer and Enlisted Promotions, Reenlistments and Extensions, Retirements and Separations, Amendments for outbound personnel, Passports, and Outbound Assignments
*Outbound Assignments is ALL DIGITAL
You must email all required documents to the organizational box:

Force Management (Room 120 / Opt 2)
Evaluations, Awards and Decorations, Special Duty Assignment Pay, Classifications, Adverse Actions, PCS Amendments for newly assigned personnel

Customer Support (Room 119 / Opt 3)
ID Cards, DEERS updates, In-processing, KAIP and marital status updates
Please see your Commander’s Support Staff (CSS) to initiate your personnel requests. If your unit does not have a CSS please visit the MPF to initiate your requests.

***NEW*** MPF Sign-In Link 
In order to help better serve you, the MPF developed a customer sign-in system where you, the customer, can view the current wait time at the MPF. It also gives you the option to sign in from the convenience of your computer. Attached is the step-by-step instruction that will help guide you through the process.