Resource Management

Bldg: 755, Rm: 210A, Phone: DSN 782-4325 or Comm 063-470-4325
Operation Hours   Daily: 0800-1630

Private Organization
A procedure of establishing a new official private organization – With respect to your inquiry in establishing a new official private organization, please review the attached PO Brief,  PO Handout, and PO Guide.

Be advised, you can obtain approval to conduct fundraisers at Kunsan AB (no more than 2 per calendar quarter) as an “unofficial” private organization by filling out the three attached fundraiser request form and submitting to Ms. Kim Michin or Mr. Ritche Antonio.

If/once your “unofficial” organization’s assets exceed $1,000 per month over
a 3 month period, you must register to become an “official” private
organization.  Of course, you may register to become an “official” private
organization at any time (nondependent upon the value of your current

To register for official status, please submit the following three documents
(templates provided at the attached):

Constitution & Bylaws
Waiver of Insurance
Create a bank account(if you applicable)

Once we have received your documents,
RMFC will review your package and route forward for approval by 8 MSG/CC.


Unit Fund
Unit Funds are available for organizational parties and picnics that the installation commander authorizes. MAJCOMs establish guidelines on expenditure levels.
Exercise care to assure all eligible personnel, to the extent possible, are able to attend.

Request for Unit Funds
Party and Picnic Funs Talking Paper

Fund Raising
In order to properly request approval to conduct a fundraiser on Kunsan AB the attached forms, 1,2, & 3 must be completed and sent to 8 FSS/FSR 30 days prior to the event.

Fundraiser Request Memorandum
Fundraiser Endorsement
Acknowledgement Form
*Fundraiser FAQs