Unite Program

Contact information
DSN: 782-7288
Email: Ricah.quinto.1@us.af.mil

Current CY21 UNITE Allocation as of 10/19/2021

The Kunsan UNITE Program provides Commanders with funding for recreational events in order to increase morale & unit cohesion within the squadron. This includes assigned Active Duty and APF/NAF Civilians.

Family members are welcome to participate, but must pay any associated fees.

***Looking for ideas on how to spend your money? Check out the KUNSAN UNITE CATALOG.***

Host your UNITE Event in four easy steps!

1. Complete the POC Appointment Letter
Squadron Commanders will appoint Squadron Unite POCs in writing.
Only appointed POCs can make Unite requests.
Once complete, email the form to ricah.quinto.1@us.af.mil.

2. Complete the Event Proposal Form
Meet with your installation C3 to discuss your objectives & event ideas.
POC will obtain Squadron Commander’s acknowledgment & signature on the Event Proposal Form and send to C3 at least 21 days prior to event.
C3 will then submit to AFSVA for approval.
Event approval may take up to 30 days.

3. Have Fun at Your Event!
Take pictures during the event & get feedback for the After Action Report.

4. Submit pictures & your completed After Action Report
Send pictures of the event & After Action Report to your C3 within 5 days of each event.

ODR Rental Price List

UNITE Menu Options

Funding Allocations for CY21
APF $13.50 per person –

For equipment rentals, program supplies, decorations, and entertainment.

NAF $5 per person-
For food and beverage expenses only

Unauthorized use of Unite funds as follows.

Some common examples of unauthorized use of Unite funds are –
• Requesting NAF funds without a Unite Event in conjunction
• Alcohol or prizes
• Augmenting holiday parties on or off the installation
• Using for Squadron training or meetings

For additional information & details contact Ms. Ricah Quinto
Kunsan AB Community Cohesion Coordinator (C3) at DSN: 782-7288