Unite Program

The Unite Program was established by the Air Force Services Center (AFSVC) to provide Squadron Commanders with resources to facilitate unit cohesion, resiliency, team building and morale – and in turn, revitalize squadrons. UNITE provides Commanders with funding for events that benefit all Airmen within their unit – to include Active Duty, APF & NAF Civilians, and assigned reservists. Events must be inclusive & recreational in nature to ensure approval from AFSVC.

Current CY24 UNITE Funding as of 7/1/24

*** Looking for ideas on how to spend your money? Check out the KUNSAN UNITE CATALOG ***

Host your UNITE Event in 5 Easy Steps!

1. Establish your UNITE POCs

Squadron Commanders will appoint UNITE POCs via signed Appointment Letter & have their POCs attend UNITE Training offered by the C3. Make sure to email signed Appointment Letter to ricah.quinto.1@us.af.mil

POC UNITE Appointment Letter

2. Complete and Event Proposal Form

Meet with your C3 to discuss your proposed event & authorized expenses. POC will then fill out an Event Proposal form, get their Squadron Commander’s signature & email to ricah.quinto.1@us.af.mil at least 14 days prior to event. C3 will then submit to AFSVC for approval. Use the UNITE Spread Sheet (below) if there isn’t enough room.

Event Proposal Form

2-A (Optional) UNITE Spread Sheet - Use when there isn't enough space on the Event Proposal Form

Use the UNITE spread sheet to ensure you can fully list out all your requested items for approval.

UNITE Spread Sheet Example

3. Finalize Plans & Pick up UNITE Banner

Schedule a time to pick up the UNITE Banner + confirm date, time, location, equipment rentals, food order etc. with individual activity manager(s). Off base vendors typically require additional notification & time.

4. Have Fun!

Enjoy your awesome event! Remember to get at least 1 group photo with the UNITE Banner & several of your team participating in the activity. Take note of your team’s feedback and make sure to include it in your AAR.

5. Send Pictures & Completed AAR

Send the following to ricah.quinto.1@us.af.mil NTL 5 business days after your UNITE Event:

  • 1 group photo with the UNITE Banner
  • 3-5 additional photos of the team participating in the approved activity
  • Completed AAR

UNITE After Action Report

If your squadron has unused UNITE funds the owning Commander has the authority to transfer it to another Commander via Memo for Transferring UNITE Funds.